Current postdocs:

Former postdocs:​

PhD students

Ongoing PhD projects:

  1. Joaquim Brugués (UPC Barcelona & Universiteit Antwerpen), co-advised with Eva Miranda, since April 2019, FI Agaur grant & EoS-1 funded.
  2. Senne Ignoul (Universiteit Antwerpen), since October 2021, FWO PhD scholarship.
  3. Pedro Santos (Universiteit Antwerpen), since October 2022, EoS-2 funded.
  4. Kenzo Yasaka (Universiteit Antwerpen, co-advised with Tom Mestdag, since October 2022, BOF DocPro4 funded.
  5. Constant Huiszoon (Universiteit Antwerpen), since January 2023, FWO-project funded.
  6. Tobias Henriksen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen & Universiteit Antwerpen), co-advised with Nikolay Martynchuk & Holger Waalkens, since September 2022, Groningen & EoS-2 funded.

Finished PhD projects:

  1. Güner Muarem (2019-2023, Universiteit Antwerpen, EoS-1 funded, co-advised with David Eelbode), defended on Sept 5, 2023; Title of PhD thesis: "Point vortex dynamics and symplectic Dirac operators".
  2. Sándor Hajdú (2018-2022, Universiteit Antwerpen, Dehoussemandaat, co-advised with Tom Mestdag), defended on May 30, 2022; Title of PhD thesis: "Jacobi fields, conjugate points and nonlinear splittings in Finsler geometry and related fields".
  3. Yannick Gullentops (2017-2022, Universiteit Antwerpen, BOF-DocPro4 and subsequently EoS-1 funded), defended on March 16, 2022; Title of PhD thesis: "Hyperbolic singularities in the presence of S1-actions and Hamiltonian PDEs".
  4. Jaume Alonso (2015-2019, Universiteit Antwerpen, BOF-DocPro4 funded), defended on Sept 11, 2019. Title of PhD thesis: "On the symplectic invariants of semitoric systems". Now a postdoc at TU Berlin, Germany.

Master students

Ongoing projects:

  1. Naomi Flamand (Universiteit Antwerpen).
  2. Caitlin Van Herck (Universiteit Antwerpen; Educatieve Master; co-advised with Senne Ignoul).
  3. Maarten De Locht (Universiteit Antwerpen; Educatieve Master; co-advised with Senne Ignoul).

Finished projects:

  1. Senne Ignoul (Universiteit Antwerpen), Spring 2021: "Integrability in contact geometry".
  2. Annelies De Meulenare (Universiteit Antwerpen), Spring 2019: "Semitoric systems with multiple focus-focus singularities".
  3. Güner Muarem (Universiteit Antwerpen, co-advised with David Eelbode, Spring 2019: "Symplectic methods in Clifford algebra and analysis: Towards a symplectic Fueter theorem".
  4. Victor Feyen (Universiteit Antwerpen, co-advised with Wim Vanroose), Autumn 2018: "Primary Floer homology of homoclinic tangles".
  5. Yannick Gullentops (Universiteit Antwerpen), spring 2017: "A Conley-Zehnder index in hyperkähler Floer theory."
  6. Fabian Guignard (EPFL, Lausanne; spring 2014; coadvised with Marc Troyanov): "Etude des géodésiques en géométrie riemannienne."

Bachelor students

Ongoing projects:

Finished projects: 

  1. Malika Belrhazi (Universiteit Antwerpen), Spring 2021: "Hamiltoniaanse systemen".
  2. Christian Suys (Universiteit Antwerpen), Spring 2021: "Greense functies ".
  3. Wieneke Op 't Land (Universiteit Antwerpen), Spring 2020:"Variatierekening".
  4. Jef Winant (Universiteit Antwerpen), Spring 2020: "Stabiliteitsanalyse bij periodieke oplossingen van differentiaalvergelijkingen".
  5. Manon Demey (Universiteit Antwerpen, co-advised with Jaume Alonso), Spring 2019:"Dynamiek en modelisatie van chemische reacties: de Brusselator en het model van Schnackenberg".
  6. Annelies De Meulenaere (Universiteit Antwerpen), spring 2017: "De Horseshoe Afbeelding."
  7. Grzegorz Kielanski (Universiteit Antwerpen), spring 2017: "De kwadratische familie Fμ (x) = μx(1 - x)."
  8. Lauranne Claes (Universiteit Antwerpen), co-advised with Jaume Alonso, spring 2017: "Dynamische systemen in één complexe variabele."
  9. Nathanaël Persoz (EPFL, Lausanne; coadvised with Tudor Ratiu), spring 2014: "Gromov's non-squeezing theorem in symplectic geometry".