Getting from abroad to Antwerp

1) "Standard train station" for arrival by train in the city center of Antwerp is "Antwerpen Centraal", but closer to Campus Middelheim/Groenenborger is the train station "Antwerpen-Berchem" (30min by foot to Campus Middelheim and about 40min by foot to Campus Groenenborger).

2) "Standard airports" for getting to/near Antwerp are​​

  • Recommended: Brussels Airport Zaventem (BRU), about 30-40min by train to the train stations Antwerpen Centraal or Antwerpen-Berchem or about about 30-40min by bus shuttle service to the train station Antwerpen Centraal.
  • Antwerp Airport (ANR) is small airport located in Antwerp with holiday charter flights and regional business traffic. To get to the city center or any campusn use public transport or taxi.
  • Airport Brussels-Charleroi (CRL), about 2h by train and 1.5-2h by airport shuttle to the city centre of Antwerp.
  • Airport Amsterdam-Schipol (AMS), about 1-1.5h by train and 2-3h by airport shuttle to the city centre of Antwerp.

3) By car: Consult google maps or your favorite GPS navigation system how to drive best to Antwerp from your locations. Be aware of the following facts:

  • Almost everything enclosed by the highway ring around Antwerp belongs to the so-called "low emission zone" which restricts/forbids certain types of cars to enter the city center. Foreign cars have to register if they want/need to enter the low emission zone. Entering/exiting the low emission zone is surveilled by cameras.
  • If you cannot or will not park on parking lots on a university campus (for some, you need a pass/card to enter), beware of the Antwerp parking zones: at some places you have to pay, at others just place the "parkeerschijf" at again others there are no restrictions.
  • In Flanders, so-called "trajectcontroles" (section controls) of speed limits and local traffic vs. passing through traffic became recently very popular...

Getting around in Antwerp

​Navigating within Antwerp:

Getting to the 4 campuses of the University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp has 4 campuses:

The Math Department is located in Building G on Campus Middelheim. But depending on availability and preferred type of lecture halls, workshops and conferences sometimes also go through on Stadscampus and/or Campus Groenenborger. From Campus Middelheim, it is about 15min by foot to Campus Groenenborger.

Public transport in Antwerp is provided by the company De Lijn (which is not necessarily always on time...). They describe on their webpage what kind of tickets exist and how to buy them...