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Prof. dr. Steven Van Passel is professor Environmental Economics and coordinates the research team EnvEcon at the departement Engineering Management of the University of Antwerp. His research concentrates on the economic and sustainability assessment of clean technology and agricultural systems and on the interaction between economy, technology and ecology. As an environmental economist, he is interested in conceptual and methodological aspects of assessing sustainability, the valuation of environmental and energy technologies and the economic impact of climate change.


Recent papers

Vanschoenwinkel, J., Moretti, M., Van Passel, S. 2019. The effect of policy leveraging climate change adaptive capacity in agriculture. European Review of Agricultural Economics (accepted) (IF: 2.42)

Rafiaani, P., Kuppens, T., Thomassen, G., Van Dael, M., Azadi, H., Lebailly, Ph, Van Passel, S. (2019). A critical view on social performance assessment at company level: Social life cycle analysis of an algae case. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (accepted) (IF: 4.87)

Maes, D., Vancauteren, M., Van Passel, S. 2020. Investigating Market Power in the Belgian Pork Production Chain. Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies (accepted)

Gezahegn, T.W., Van Passel, S., Berhanu, T., D’Haese, M., Maertens, M. 2019.  Do Bottom-up, Independent, and Participatory Agricultural Cooperatives Really Perform Better? Insights from a Technical Efficiency Analysis in Ethiopia. Agrekon (accepted) (IF: 0.326)

Esguerra, J.L., Krook, J., Svensson, N., Van Passel, S. 2019. Assessing the economic potential of landfill mining: Review and recommendations. Detritus (accepted)

Rafiaani, P., Dikopoulou, Z., Van Dael, M., Kuppens, T., Azadi, H., Lebailly, P., Van Passel, S. 2019. Identifying social indicators for sustainability assessment of CCU technologies: a modified multi-criteria decision making. Social Indicator Research (accepted) (IF: 1.74). 

Belgian Environmental Economics Day 2019

The 12th Belgian Environmental Economics Day took place at the University of Antwerp (1 February, 2019) and was organised by Steven Van Passel

PhD course Low-Carbon-Economy 2019

2nd Interdisciplinary PhD expert course "Sustainability assessments for the low-carbon economy" was organised at the University of Antwerp from 10-12 September 2019.

More information can be found on the Low-Carbon-Economy website.

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