My research can be categorized in the three research lines: (i) Sustainability Engineering and Economics; (ii) Circular Economy and (iii) the Economics of Climate Change & Adaptation

The research line Sustainability Engineering and Economics is bridging innovative engineering and economics by techno-economic and sustainability assessment of emerging green/clean/environmental/energy/climate-resilient technologies. 

Examples of papers of this research line are: 

  • Thomassen, G., Van Dael, M., Van Passel, S., You, F. 2019. How to assess the potential of emerging green technologies? Towards a prospective environmental and techno-economic assessment framework. Green Chemistry 21: 4868-4886 (IF: 9.48) 
  • Thomassen, G., Dewulf, J, Van Passel, S. 2020. A review on learning effects in prospective technology assessment Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 130: 109937 (IF: 14.98) 
  • Tschulkow, M., Compernolle, T., Van den Bosch, S., Van Aelst, J., Storms, I., Van Dael, M., Van den Bossche, G., Sels, B. Van Passel, S. 2020. Integrated techno-economic assessment of a biorefinery process: the high-end valorization of the lignocellulosic fraction in wood streams. Journal of Cleaner Production 266, 122022 (IF: 9.30) 
  • Van Schoubroeck, S., Thomassen, G., Van Passel, S., Malina, R., Springael, J., Lizin, S., Venditti, R.A., Yao, Y., Van Dael, M. 2021. An integrated techno-sustainability assessment (TSA) framework for emerging technologies. Green Chemistry 23, 1700-1715 (IF: 10.18)
  • Buyle, M., Audenaert, A., Brusselaers, J., Van Passel, S. 2023. Rebound effects following technological advancement? The case of a global shock in ferrochrome supply. Journal of Cleaner Production 391: 136264 (IF: 11.07)

The research line Circular Economy analyses and values the economics of (the transition towards) circularity, coping with uncertainties and learning effects. 

Examples of papers of this research line are: 

  • Hoogmartens, R., Eyckmans, J., Van Passel, S. 2018. A Hotelling model for the circular economy including recycling, substitution and waste accumulation. Resources, Conservation & Recycling 128:98-109 (IF: 7.04)
  • Alaerts, L., Van Acker, K., Rousseau, S., De Jaeger, S., Moraga, G., Dewulf, J., De Meester, S. Van Passel, S., Compernolle, T., Bachus, K., Vrancken, K., Eyckmans, J. 2019. Towards a more direct policy feedback in circular economy monitoring via a societal needs perspective. Resources, Conservation & Recycling 149:363-371 (IF: 8.09)
  • De Weerdt, L., Sasao, T., Compernolle, T., Van Passel, S., De Jaeger, S. 2020. The effect of waste incineration taxation on industrial plastic waste generation: A panel analysis. Resources, Conservation & Recycling 157: 104717 (IF: 10.20)
  • Einhäupl, P., Van Acker, K., Peremans, H., Van Passel, S. 2021. The Conceptualization of Societal Impacts of Landfill Mining – A System Dynamics Approach. Journal of Cleaner Production 296: 126351 (IF: 9.30)
  • Van Schoubroeck, S., Vermeyen, V., Alaerts, L., Van Acker, K., Van Passel, S. 2022. How to monitor the progress towards a circular food economy: A Delphi study. Sustainable Production and Consumption 32: 457-467 (IF: 8.92)
  • Thomassen, G., Van Passel, S., Alaerts, L., Dewulf, J. 2022 Retrospective and prospective material flow analysis of the post-consumer plastic packaging waste management system in Flanders. Waste Management 147: 10-21 (IF: 7.15)

The research line the Economics of Climate Change & Adaptation measures the economic impact of climate change and the economic benefit of climate change adaptation, and values ecosystem (dis)services. 

Examples of papers of this research line are:

  • Van Passel, S., Massetti, E., Mendelsohn, R. 2017. A Ricardian Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on European Agriculture. Environmental and Resource Economics 67: 725-760 (IF: 1.96)
  • Daniels S., Bellmore J.R., Benjamin, J.R., Witters N., Vangronsveld J., Van Passel, S. 2018. Quantification of the indirect use value of functional group diversity based on the ecological role of species in the ecosystem. Ecological Economics 153: 181-194 (IF: 4.28)
  • Vanschoenwinkel, J., Moretti, M., Van Passel, S. 2020. The effect of policy leveraging climate change adaptive capacity in agriculture. European Review of Agricultural Economics 47: 138-156 (IF: 3.84)
  • Fetene Admasu, W., Van Passel, S., Nyssen, J., Sewnet Minale, A., Adgo Tsegaye, E. 2020. Eliciting farmers’ preferences and willingness to pay for land use attributes in Northwest Ethiopia: A discrete choice experiment study. Land Use Policy 109: 105634 (IF: 5.40)
  • Fabri, C., Moretti, M., Van Passel, S. 2022. On the (Ir)relevance of Heatwaves in Climate Change impacts on European Agriculture. Climatic Change 174:16 (IF: 5.17)
  • Vanschoenwinkel, J., Vancauteren, M., Van Passel, S. 2022. How do Western European farms behave and respond to Climate Change? A Simultaneous Irrigation-Crop Decision Model. Climate Change Economics 13: 2250009 (IF: 1.34)