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The ideal way for lifelong learners to continue their education in their own or a new field of study

What is a micro-credential?

A micro-credential is an certificate that you obtain after completing and passing a mini-training. These are part-time, short-term course packages consisting of one or more course units about a theme that is tailored to the current needs of the field and of the lifelong learner.


Learning packages consist of course units from bachelor and master programmes, possibly supplemented with additional course content. A micro-credential can vary between 3 and 19 credits. It is therefore a part-time commitment (of one or two semesters) that you can combine with your job. Some micro-credentials support this combination in particular through their flexible work formats (e.g. evening classes, hybrid or distance learning).

Tailored to the needs of the field

Interdisciplinarity and close cooperation with the professional field are paramount in the development of new micro-credentials. The courses are designed on the basis of research into the needs of the relevant professional sectors, possibly in cooperation with partner educational institutions and organisations.


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