The Institute for Environment and Sustainable Development (IMDO in Dutch) of the University of Antwerp is pleased to host a conference, chaired by Prof. Dr. Patrice Perreault, with a keynote by Dr. Ing. Patrick Preuster, followed by an extended Q-A session, as well as convivial “social beer”.

The keynote will provide an introduction to the various approaches for  storing energy in the form of hydrogen. The different methods and the current technological developments especially in the field of chemical  hydrogen storage will be discussed. The various specific process engineering aspects will be briefly presented and the technologies will  be comparatively evaluated. The TRL is used as the KPI for this purpose.

One focus of Dr. Preuster's technology development is hydrogen storage  in Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC). For this technology, current projects are briefly presented and an outlook on future developments is given.


Prof. Dr. Patrice Perreault leads The Hydrogen Lab at the University of Antwerp. This lab is built around hydrogen: from its renewable production to its storage and release from liquid and solid carriers. The lab is active in the development, simulation (CFD) and experimental characterization of reactors designed to deal with both liquid organic hydrogen Carriers (LOHC), solid sorbents, hydrates, and gaseous carrier molecules (methanol, methane, ammonia, formic acid, etc). The researchers rely on the Process Intensification principles to develop innovative reactors, more specifically the use of centrifugal fields and electrification. 

Patrice Perreault is also the technology developer at Blue App, the preincubator from the University of Antwerp. Blue App brings startups, corporates and researchers together under the same roof to demonstrate sustainable technologies that help society in protecting the environment and reaching climate neutrality.

Dr. Ing. Patrick Preuster is Head of Department at the “Chemical Hydrogen Storage” at the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy (HI-ERN) in Germany. The department focuses on the storage of hydrogen in different carrier systems. One particular focus @ HI ERN is the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Storage technology. 

Even though he is still at a early stage in his carrier, he already supervised 9 PhDs, is the author of more than 10 patents related to LOHC, almost 40 articles, and as a h-index of 20. 

Patrick Preuster’s research focus is on catalytic conversion units with high power density and the technical-economic evaluation and comparison of P2X technologies.