During her PhD Gudrun De Boeck studied the effects of changing environments on the physiology of fish. She graduated in 1996 and after several postdocs in Antwerp and abroad, she was appointed 10 years later as a lecturer in Animal Ecophysiology at the University of Antwerp (Departement of Biology, Faculty of Science). 

Professor Gudrun De Boeck is currently heading the ECOPSHERE research group at the Department of Biology, is chair of the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development (IMDO) and vice-president of the UK based Society for Experimental Biology

Early 2021 professor Gudrun De Boeck was selected to participate in a prestigious international leadership program for woman in STEMM. Homeward Bound is a ground-breaking global leadership initiative, set against the backdrop of Antarctica, which aims to heighten the influence and impact of women in STEMM in making the decisions that shape our planet. Each graduating cohort of participants becomes part of a global network of like-minded women committed to demonstrating a model of leadership (collaborative, inclusive, legacy-minded, trustworthy with assets – people and money) that will influence outcomes for men and women towards a healthier planet, and a sustainable future for us all. This is achieved by a 1-year online course, which culminates in a 3-week joined workshop while traveling to Antarctica. Antarctica is still largely a magnificent pristine area but at the same time one of the areas that is most affected by climate change.

As an Antarctic Ambassador, Gudrun will talk about her trip to this magical continent, the threat of climate change and why women in science (and penguins) matter.

Practical information

February 23th 2024, 16.00h, Campus Drie Eiken, room d.O.05