The key to solving complex problems in our society today is interdisciplinary collaboration. During the project day experts from different backgrounds reflected, from their expertise and discipline, on the complex sustainability issue of PFOS

More than 400 students, from different disciplines, participated and were challenged to step out their comfort zone to learn from other disciplines on how they approach a complex problem. Students had access to a self-study pack in advance to read up on the complex subject.

Check this aftermovie for an impression of the day.

The morning session was concluded with the following poem by ex-campus poet Zainab-Noor el Hejazi (Noor Intisar)

|| Nature V.S. Nurture. || 

What is the solution for pollution 

that is forever here to stay? 

PFAS is hydrophobic,

but I am afraid to say 

water cannot wash these chemicals away. 

These are the rules of risk regulation 


do you understand what this says? 

From the perspective of the polluter, 

where do we look for something that is everywhere 

to be found and nowhere to be seen? 

Is bioavailability a government liability, or does this sound fishy? 

What do we tell the chickens about their eggs, or do we simply stop consuming them instead? 

Area 3M will simply disappear, 

when the hotspots become homebased. 

At what point in time did we know

to answer 

questions never asked?