Safety and security are hot topics. They are distinct, yet related. Plenty of research conducted at UAntwerp has a direct or indirect focus on questions related to safety and/or security. Maybe so has yours!

What do we mean by safety and security research, and why do we insist on bringing them together?

Safety science is a relatively young field of science. Like environmental science, it concerns a synthesis science, aimed at studying (un)safe phenomena in the practical interaction between people, organisation and technology. This embraces both accidental (e.g. occupational safety and well-being, fire safety, road safety, environmental safety, food safety ...) and criminal facts and accidents (e.g. cybersecurity, counter-terrorism, drug crime, insider-threat ...). For that purpose, the master in safety sciences at UAntwerp (celebrating its 10th anniversary this year) addresses both safety and security as essential components in protection humans and their environment.

To foster knowledge about safety and security, there is a need for reliable data. More often than not, this involves data that is sensitive or difficult to access. We would like to discuss the possibilities and challenges of transdisciplinary cooperation in accessing and (re)analysing existing data or generating new data, based on testimonials from academics (as data processors) and from public and private organisations (as data owners). What practical and ethical considerations come into play? What about data protection and commercial interests? How does this affect chances of success in fundraising and publication? What opportunities do crowdsourcing and big data offer? ...

IMDO organises a first knowledge lab and networking event  with the central theme of ONLOCKING DATA. In this knowledge lab we aim to bring together researchers within UAntwerp working on safety and/or security topics from different disciplines to exchange experience on the challenges in collecting and processing appropriate data, and to explore ideas for future research projects.

Practical information

Date: 30 November 2022

Timing: 14h30 - 16h30

Location: Stadscampus, room R.118

Initiators: Vincent BellinkxAnne BergmansWim HardynsKelly Reyniers