Lecture and debate Todd Bridges: Partnering with Nature for Sustainable Engineering - Registration closed

Dr. Todd Bridges is Senior Research Scientist for Environmental Science U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He is the National Lead for the Engineering With Nature® initiative, which he will present during his talk.

The development of sustainable engineering practice to support economies, social resilience, and ecosystem integrity presents significant opportunities and challenges for practitioners and institutions.  Practical approaches are needed to integrate natural and engineering systems in a manner that achieves more socially acceptable, economically viable and environmentally sustainable projects.  Engineering With Nature® is a collaborative approach to engineering that seeks to use both science and engineering to produce operational efficiencies, make effective use of natural process, and broaden the range of services and value provided by engineering projects and infrastructure.  In the United States, this approach is being applied to develop navigation, flood risk management, and water infrastructure projects.  Case example projects in the United States and other countries will be used to illustrate the approach and highlight needs and opportunities to advance practice. 


The lecture is followed by a debate with:

Prof. Tom Ysebaert (UAntwerpen, NIOZ)

Bernard De Potter (Flanders Environment Agency VMM)

Maarten Hens (Cabinet Flemish Minister of Environment Zuhal Demir)

Marc Huygens (DEME)

Lieven De Schamphelaere (Natuurpunt)

Moderator: Prof. Patrick Meire (UAntwerpen)