Webinar 'How to integrate the SDGs in higher education and research?'

In 2015 the 193 member states of the United Nations decided on a new, ambitious action plan and ethical compass for the world: 17 global 'Sustainable Development Goals' for more peace and justice based on human rights, social progress, better care for the environment, more industrial innovation and decent work, good governance and win-win partnerships between governments, businesses and civil society.

As an academic, how can you prepare your students for a world in change? How can you integrate the SDGs in education and research? Be inspired by Peter Wollaert, Managing Director of CIFAL Flanders and authority in implementing the UN Sustainability Goals in higher education. You will be given concrete tools as a lecturer or researcher to help build the sustainable university of the future.

Become a change agent within the University of Antwerp!


Friday, October 16th 2020, 14 - 16h (short break included)


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