Sarah Lambrecht is a magistrate (referendaris) at the Belgian Constitutional Court and a holds a PhD from the Faculty of Law, University of Antwerp on the embedding of the European Convention on Human Rights in the States Parties. Prior to joining the Constitutional Court, she was PhD Fellow of the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO). Sarah has undertaken a Council of Europe traineeship at the European Court of Human Rights and a research stay at the University of Cambridge. The research she conducts focuses on fundamental rights law, the ECHR system, the EU Charter, and (comparative) constitutional law. 

She is a member of the editorial board of EHRC (European Human Rights Cases) Updates, the Belgian Journal of Immigration Law ,and the Belgian Journal of Public Law. In addition, she is a member of the scientific committee of the bilingual Moot Court Constitutional Law which is organised yearly for all Belgian universities. She co-edited the book 'Criticism of the European Court of Human Rights', a comparative study on the criticism voiced in Europe of the European Court of Human Rights, together with prof. dr. Patricia Popelier and prof. dr. Koen Lemmens (available on Cambridge Core). The findings were presented by the editors at the European Court of Human Rights on 24 November 2016.

In the framework of her academic research, she has been invited to the University of Oxford, Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, the Danish Ministry of Justice for the 'High Level Expert Symposium on the Future of the European Court of Human Rights', Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne, Max Planck Institute Luxembourg, Human Rights Law Clinics at KU Leuven, University of Manchester, and the Council of Europe.

Areas of expertise: 

  • Constitutional Law
  • European Convention on Human Rights
  • EU Charter
  • Comparative Law

Selected Publications: 

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Selected Projects: 

  • 2011 - 2014 - The dynamics between national and supranational fundamental rights protection in Europe: a practice of convergence?

ORCID: 0000-0001-9818-2073