The KEMPENATLAS maps the Antwerp Campine region for the first time, both as a book and as exhibition. Twelve thematic maps and essays grant insight into the spatial development and future possibilities of the region. The atlas is an invitation for discussion between policy makers, designers and residents about the spatial challenges of the Campine. The KEMPENATLAS was instigated by the Research group of Urban Development, Ar-TUR and the Province of Antwerp and is an example of inter-facultary collaboration with several colleague researchers from the Henry van de Velde, Heritage & Environment that contributed to this publication. The publication was awarded with the academic GPRC-label. The initiative was partly financed with a successful crowdfunding.

In the KEMPENLABs we use workshops on specific cases to address current and urgent challenges such as housing, aging or mobility in order to increase the quality of the built and open space in the region. The KEMPENLABS are selected for the International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam.

Researcher(s)Maarten Van Acker,  Geert De BlustDirk LauwersStijn Rybels, Jeroen De Waegemaeker, Tim Soens, Koen Van Bockstal, Piet Lombaerde, Thomas VanoutriveTom Coppens, Guy Bovyn, Bruno Notteboom
Commissioned by: Ar-Tur, Provincie Antwerpen
Period: 2016-2018: 
Partner(s): MUST, Filip Dujardin, Public Space