The ‘Bouwmeester Scan’ is a new instrument in development, created for local governments for the purpose of an adequat planning policy. The intention is to find out by means of a quick multidisciplinary screening to what extend the use of space and the applied policy of the involved area replies already to the strategic goals, formulated by the ‘Meerjarenprogramma 2017-2020 of the Flemish Architect (Bouwmeester) and to formulate concrete solutions.

The assignment of the research group of urban develepment contains the development of this new instrument. Final goal is to transform the primary instrument ‘scan 0.0’ into a best workable and profitable instrument ‘BWMSTR scan 1.0’.

The assignment consists out of 3 parts:

  • Ex-ante evaluation: screening of the primary instrument ‘scan 0.0’, first suggestions and adaptations.
  • Ex-durante evaluation: guidance of the selected teamsduring the process of the first series of scans. Workshops are organised, the instrument will be adjusted where necessary.
  • Ex-post evaluation: evaluation after completion of the first series of scans. Final optimalisation of the instrument through best practices.

Researcher(s)Tom CoppensRaf Ilsbroekx
Commissioned by: Team BWMSTR
Period: Van 1/02/2018 tot 31/12/2019
Partner(s): Team BWMSTR

BWMSTR scan (©Eva Le Roi)

Oostende, Langestraat (©Raf Ilsbroekx)

BWMSTR scan (©Team Bouwmeester)