The expansion and covering of the R1 Antwerp ring road is Flanders largest infrastructure project of next decade. Prof. Maarten Van Acker is part of the task force (Intendantenteam Overkapping), dedicated to organize the planning and elaboration of the environmental and spatial integration of this project. Prof. Tom Coppens contributes on a regular basis to the expert panels, and Marleen Goethals is part of one of the international design teams, awarded to elaborate one of the masterplans. This project allows the research group to grow its expertise, granted international exposure, led to international publications and presentations, collaborations with University of Paris-la-villette and TUDelft, and provided seed money that was invested in junior researchers.

Researcher(s)Maarten Van AckerTom CoppensMarleen Goethals
Commissioned by: ORG2squared
Period: 2017-2018
Partner(s): Common ground, ARUP, Deltares