Supralocal cooperation is becoming increasingly crucial for good spatial planning. Especially with the development of the network society, many spatial developments take place across different administrative boundaries and apparently even footloose (Castells 1996-1998, Teisman 2000, Boelens 2001, 2005, Modder 2012). The local and sometimes even regional and national level of government are therefore not always sufficient to address certain spatial issues.

Because a large number of spatial challenges have a supralocal dimension, the Department of the Environment wants to promote supra-local cooperation in a region, based on a good and sustainable vision and an effective spatial development program. The approach proposed by the research team around AMRP at Ghent University and Marleen Goethals UAntwerpen starts from an actor-relational approach. This approach is based on extensive international comparisons with regional formation and practical tests (Boelens 2009) and is a way in which regionalization can be achieved with due regard for the dynamics, contextual and situational conditions and the broad perspective in which, in addition to governments, the business community and citizens / civil movements are involved.

Researcher(s)Marleen Goethals
Commissioned by: Vlaamse Overheid, Departement Omgeving - Vlaams Planbureau voor Omgeving
Partner(s): UGent: AMRP Luuk Boelens, Beitske Boonstra
Period: maart-nov 2018