Main research subjects
Interpreting; Remote Interpreting; Translation; Technical translation; Literary translation
Translation; Italian culture under Fascism; International literary relations
Terminology; Audiovisual translation (subtitling and off-screen dubbing)
Audiovisual translation, media accessibility, audio description,  process research, quality in audio description
Translation of irony and intertextuality; (Dutch) translations of the  Francophone novel; Audio Description
Translation Studies; Urban Borderlands; Interculturalism; Fashion Studies; Ethnography; Mobility; BRI; China
Poetics of translation; Translator's voice; Retranslation; Dialogism
Audiovisual Translation; Media Accessibility; Audio Description; Live Subtitling; Multimodality; Translation Theory
Audiovisual Translation; Media Accessibility; Audio Description; Multimodal Corpus Studies
Translation process; Translation revision process; Translation, revision and post-editing  competence; French as a foreign language; Live interlingual subtitling; Quality evaluation in (audiovisual) translation; Sight translation; Experimental research, TAP, Keystroke logging, survey, case studies
Translation process; Translation competence; Translating as a text-production activity; Writing process
Main research topics: ethnicity, nation building, inter-religious and inter-ethnic contacts, racism, fascism, holocaust and genocide studies, memory.
Computer-Assisted Language Learning; Academic Writing; Corpus-based interlanguage analysis; Cohesion in translanguaging settings
English as a second/foreign language; (Instructed) Second language acquisition; Sociolinguistic L2 competence; Translation (revision) competence; Experimental research; Mixed methods research; Survey research; Cognitive load theory
Translation; Technical Translation; Discourse Analysis; (Digital) Stylometry
Audiovisual translation; Media accessibility; Audio description; Experimental research, Cognitive research

Associated members

NameMain research subjects
Diels, Ella
Stylistic appropriateness in English as a foreign language: The acquisition of grammatical formality by translation trainees
Mus, Francis
Literary translation studies, francophone and comparative literature, music and literature