Trics Members

These scholars are members of the TricS research group. More information about their individual work and publications can be found on their websites.

Name Main research subjects
De Boe, Esther Interpreting; Remote Interpreting; Translation; Technical translation; Literary translation
de Souza, Rubia Italian and french poetry (nineteenth century); poetic translation; creation process
Fernandes, Sarah Translation; Italian culture under fascism; Media Studies; Discourse analysis
Gennaro, Rosario Translation; Italian culture under Fascism; International literary relations
Hanoulle, Sabien Terminology; Audiovisual translation (subtitling and off-screen dubbing)
Lievois, Katrien Translation of irony and intertextuality; (Dutch) translations of the  Francophone novel; Audio Description
Pang, Ching Lin Translation Studies; Urban Borderlands; Interculturalism; Fashion Studies; Ethnography; Mobility; BRI; China
Peeters, Kris Poetics of translation; Translator's voice; Retranslation; Dialogism
Remael, Aline Audiovisual Translation; Media Accessibility; Audio Description; Live Subtitling; Multimodality; Translation Theory
Reviers, Nina Audiovisual Translation; Media Accessibility; Audio Description; Multimodal Corpus Studies
Robert, Isabelle Translation process; Translation revision process; Translation, revision and post-editing  competence; French as a foreign language; Live interlingual subtitling; Quality evaluation in (audiovisual) translation; Sight translation; Experimental research, TAP, Keystroke logging, survey, case studies
Roofthooft, Hanne Audiovisual Translation; Media Accessibility; Audio Description
Schrijver, Iris Translation process; Translation competence; Translating as a text-production activity; Writing process
Ureel, Jim English as a second/foreign language; (Instructed) Second language acquisition; Sociolinguistic L2 competence; Translation (revision) competence; Experimental research; Mixed methods research; Survey research; Cognitive load theory
van de Wijer, Ingrid Translation; Technical Translation; Discourse Analysis; (Digital) Stylometry
Vercauteren, Gert Audiovisual translation; Media accessibility; Audio description; Experimental research, Cognitive research