Current Affairs

  • For the Fall Issue of FORUM+, Timmy De Laet edited a dossier on dance. You can read the dossier here
  • Visual Poetics member Kristof van Baarle co-curates the conference stream 'Ends' during the Performance Studies international conference 'Crises of Care' in Rijeka (postponed to summer 2021).
  • Visual Poetics gladly welcomes Prof. Dr. Beatrice Hanssen as guest professor for the MA course Visual Strategies and the BA course Tekst en Representatie. 

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Research Centre for Visual Poetics

Visual Poetics is a research group in theatre, film and related artistic media at the University of Antwerp, covering four lines of research: 
performative, intermedial, artist's and textual poetics. Poetics derives from "poiesis", or "active making".
The poetics of an artistic medium places the artwork at the center of study and studies the finished work as the result of a process of construction. It mounts explanations how the artwork works and why under certain circumstances it came to look the way it did. It reveals, more specifically, the inextricable weaving together of representation and discourse, the imbrication of visual and verbal experience at the core of performance and cinema.