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Honours Seminarie - Overzicht lezingen 2016-2017

Title Speaker Research group
Het humane microbioom: in kaart dankzij krachtige DNA sequencing methoden Prof. Dr. Sarah Lebeer ENDEMIC
Department of Bioscience Engineering
Membraantechnologie Prof. Dr. Vera Meynen
Laboratory of Adsorption and Catalysis (LADCA)
Department of Chemistry
The history of floating-point computing Prof. Dr. Annie Cuyt
Computational Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Bird's family: happy home or rife with conflicts Prof. Dr. Wendt Müller
Sustainable Energy, Air & Water Technology (DUEL)
Department of Biology
Nanotechnology Prof. Dr. Johan Verbeeck
Electron Microscopy for Materials Science (EMAT)
Department of Physics
From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Important Things: how to reliably and wirelessly connect the world? Prof. Dr. Steven Latré
Modeleren van Systemen en Internet Communicatie (MOSAIC)
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Models and simulation in contemporary option valuation Prof. Dr. Karel In 't Hout
Applied Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Protecting nature to help people adapting to climate change in coastal lowlands Prof. Dr. Stijn Temmerman
Ecosysteembeheer (ECOBE)
Department of Biology