1e Bachelor (2023/24, 2e semester):

Multivariate calculus: dit jaar gegeven door David Eelbode!

2e Bachelor (2023/24, 1e semester):

Gewone differentiaalvergelijkingen en dynamische systemen

Master (2023/24):

1e semester:

Integrable Hamiltonian Systems

  • Detailed SCHEDULE with distribution of lectures and exercise sessions and homework.
  • OLD Lecture notes from 2018 (Chapters 1 + 2 + 4 and Appendix proofread & cleaned; restructuring of Chapter 3 almost done, but Delzant example and monodromy still missing).

2e semester:

Introduction to Integrable PDEs: the Korteweg-de Vries equation (this year taught by Federico Zadra)

  • Lecture notes (NEW version, not yet posted): The lecture notes are edited during term and posted whenever a new chapter is ready.
  • SCHEDULE (tba) --- This schedule overrides whatever is claimed on SisA/Blackboard learning environment!