PilotSketch - Lucas Van Dorpe

PilotSketch is a system that lets designers create and share three-dimensional drawings in any environment with the ease of pen and paper.

Lines, surfaces and volumes can be drawn freely in mid-air and around real objects. Thanks to augmented reality and motion tracking technologies, computer-aided design (CAD) takes on a more natural, human appeal. No experience in sketching or 3D modelling is required to create, share and develop three-dimensional sketches. These sketches can be used to explore innovative new design solutions. PilotSketch aims to streamline the workflow of product designers, architects and artists alike. New opportunities and possibilities arise thanks to the rich PilotSketch platform.

With PilotSketch, the line between physical prototyping and computer-aided design finally fades, because the pencil just took flight.

The Pen, which lets designers draw in the space around them;
Glass, an Augmented Reality headset that lets the designers see their drawings;
A tracker, which lets drawings be attached to and move with any physical object;
A case, in which all components are held in place, making the system highly portable.

The Value

  1. Accessible
    Anyone who can hold a pencil can make a drawing. However, getting good at anything requires practice. PilotSketch lowers the barrier to 3D design more than any other software or hardware tool.
  2. Collaborative
    The days of the lone “star” designer are over. Good design is the result of teamwork.
    PilotSketch encourages co-design by getting every stakeholder involved in the process. Multiple users can view and draw at the same time. The results can be shared, printed (on paper or in 3D) or exported for further detailing in other CAD software.
  3. Portable
    Today’s 3D sketching systems often require large and heavy hardware and take a lot of time to set up. The whole PilotSketch system fits in one hand. By leveraging the power of the smartphone, the system is lightweight, compact and can be used in any location by anyone.
  4. Creative
    Parametric 3D modelling and perspective sketching are hard. They require intensive training and tremendous skill. A lot of a designer’s brain power is wasted just on handling these tools, whether they are hard- or software.

PilotSketch frees the mind from the headache. It lets the designer focus on what is most important: good design.

Lucas Van Dorpe
Promotor: Jan Van Goey (University of Antwerp)
Copromotor: Jouke Verlinden (University of Antwerp)