Critical Approaches to Children’s Rights (Deadline for submissions extended: 15th September)

9th CREAN Children’s Rights Research Symposium 
Monday 4 – Tuesday 5 December 2023

University of Antwerp, Law and Development Research Group

In association with CREAN

and in collaboration with the Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre (KEKI)


The Children’s Rights Research Symposium is an annual event inviting doctoral candidates and supervisors from different universities and disciplines (law, sociology, education, anthropology, psychology, history, etc.) to come together to discuss, explore and develop research related to children’s rights. Due to COVID-19, no symposium was held between 2020 and 2021. In keeping with previous symposia (Liverpool 2013, Cork 2014, Antwerp 2015, Leiden 2016, Geneva 2017, Belfast 2018, Liverpool 2019, Cork 2022), this year’s event will offer a platform for doctoral candidates to present their research to their peers and academic supervisors working on children’s rights, and to exchange ideas and engage in knowledge-sharing.

This year, the Law and Development Research Group of the University of Antwerp is pleased to host the 9th Children’s Rights Research Symposium in association with the Children’s Rights European Academic Network (CREAN) and in collaboration with the Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre (KEKI).

Theme and scope of the 9th CREAN Children’s Rights Research Symposium

There is viewpoint diversity regarding what children’s rights mean. The boundaries between what is (considered) mainstream and what are critical approaches to children’s rights are not fixed. At this symposium, we want to explore what critical approaches to children’s rights mean, what they have to offer, and what challenges they may face. This may range from substantive questions on children’s rights as a whole or specific rights of children to various approaches and methodologies.

What are the new frontiers for children’s rights, both conceptually and thematically (e.g. collective conceptualisations of childhood; children’s collective rights; intergenerational rights; new technologies)? What makes approaches to children’s rights critical? Is it their understanding of the child and childhood; their attention to the context and lifeworlds of children, or their way of engaging with the nature and substance of children’s rights? What role does intra-, inter- and transdisciplinarity play in critical approaches to children’s rights?


The programme is available here.

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