Modeling how pre-existing TCR clones affect vaccine-induced T-cell responses (CELLULO-EPI-BASE)

T-cells are increasingly recognized to be pivotal actors in the development of vaccine-induced immune responses. Through their T-cell receptor (TCR) on their cell surface, T-cells can recognize antigens derived from pathogens or vaccines. The strength of the interaction between the TCRs and the vaccine antigens will direct the T-cell dynamics after vaccination. In this project, we will analyse the TCR repertoires from participants from three distinct vaccination cohorts prior to vaccination and after vaccination. We will develop a computational tool (later to be transformed into a software package) that will allow us to accurately predict, by using the baseline TCR data alone, which vaccinees will develop a robust immune response after vaccination. This tool holds the potential to have an important impact on different aspects and actors of vaccinology ranging from the vaccine industry to public health researchers.