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International Consulting Bootcamp Goa

Summer school | India

You want to gain some real-life practical consulting experience and discover a totally new culture? Then this international bootcamp is a must for you!

During the bootcamp in Goa you can work with Indian business students on a 12-day consulting project. With this project, you help local Indian organizations (in healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, …) solve a variety of strategic, organizational and managerial issues. The setting offers an incredible learning experience on all fronts!


  • Problem identification - Identifying what problem the organizing is facing and framing the precise issues
  • Data gathering and analysis - Qualitative and quantitative data gathering is combined in order to conduct thorough analysis of the problem statement and to formulate managerial recommendations
  • Report and presentation - On the last day your insights are presented to the whole group
  • Day-to-day Coaching & social activities


"Diversity: in every challenge lies an opportunity" - Davy De Cock, 2018 (Participant bootcamp Goa 2009)

Diversity: in every challenge lies an opportunity

"In today's organizations, teamwork is often thé key to success.  In my job as a project manager within a consulting firm, I deliver projects at multiple clients at the same time. One of the first steps at each project, is to gather a team around me with the right skills for the job. Those teams consist of people from our own firm and the client, they each have their own personalities and every client has its own corporate culture. There might be no secret recipe to make people work together who have their own views and background, but I believe openness to others is a first big step. An experience like the consulting bootcamp in Goa - which was for me the first time I left Europe, you can imagine what a stretch this was - was a real eye-opener for me and still helps me today to broaden my view and change my perspective."

Davy De Cock, 2018


"Their suggestions will help for the growth of the Institute" - Delia Antao, 2018 (Officiating principal of a local Indian organization)

"This group of young, dynamic and brilliant students which displayed great professional skills and an excellent team spirit, have done excellent work for our Institute. They have attempted to make an in-depth study of the way our Administrative Staff have been presently functioning, in order to find ways of getting the Staff to optimise their own performance. It was amazing to see how in a short span of time, through a series of meetings with the Management and Steff they were able to put down their objectives with considerable clarity, collect and analyse data and accordingly get every employee on the Staff to assign for themselves job specific roles according to their abilities and interests.

Their valuable suggestions will go a long way in helping the Management and the Staff of our Institute in their professional and personal growth and for the growth of the Institute."

Delia Antao (Officiating Principal, Nirmala Institute of Education)


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