Doing a PhD

Interested in doing an PhD?

The doctoral degree is the highest degree you can achieve. Under the guidance of a supervisor, you will undertake intensive scientific research. You dig into to the core of a fundamental question, with the intent to deliver an original contribution to the jurisprudence.

You write down the results of your research in your dissertation or thesis. If you can defend the thesis successfully before a jury, you may bear the title of "Doctor".


The doctoral degree is a prerequisite for those who aspire to an academic career or want to teach at higher education institutes.

However, doctoral studies are above all an investment in yourself. You get the opportunity to be guided while designing and implementing a creative and instructive scientific research project. You are part of a research group and come into contact with a fascinating international research community. You build a network and acquire reputation by publishing your results on a regular basis.
You learn to plan independently, coordinate, evaluate and how to function in a team. The general doctoral study program broadens your horizons and sharpens your skills in different areas (communication, ICT, languages​​, ...)

How do you get started?

Please check the website of the Antwerp Doctoral School.

How to finance your PhD?

Discuss possible assistantships or scholarship opportunities with your supervisor. Ask how much support they can give you during your scholarship application and how they see your chances of getting a scholarship. You can also find out more about the scholarships available and the application procedures.

Remember that scholarship application procedures can take several months to complete, so it is important to start in time.