Date: 24 February 2020, 13:30-17:00

Venue: Stadscampus, S.D.013 Antwerpen

A guided tour to the Special Collections of the University Library of Antwerp, more specifically the KAGA (Royal Geographical Society of Antwerp) collection, preceded by the discussion of a ‘work in progress’-article for Stadsgeschiedenis by Ilja Van Damme, Iason Jongepier and Margo Buelens-Terryn, titled ‘Lichtbeelden voor de massa. Toe-eigening en gebruik van de magische lantaarn in Antwerpen en Brussel (c.1860-c.1920)’ and a paper by Margo Buelens-Terryn for the workshop 'Cultures of Spectacle in German-Occupied Belgium. Parallels and differences between the First and the Second World War', titled ‘Lantern lectures in the spotlights of German occupation. The changing lanternscape in German-occupied Antwerp during the Great War’. Both will be preceded by a small presentation, after which the texts will be discussed. We will send the texts timely so that they can be read before the seminar.