The March PhD-seminar will take place at Utrecht University on Thursday, March 28, from 2 to 5PM. The address is Muntstraat 2A, 3512EV Utrecht, location: MCW-LAB (aka Grote Zaal KNG20), on the ground floor (next to the bar).

The theme of the seminar will be: The concept of dispositif for illustrated lecture shows
An overview of the concept's three interconnected poles - performance, text, and spectator - will be presented by Frank Kessler, while Nico de Klerk will talk on the problematic relation between the lecture as (surviving) text document and as (impermanent) performance.

As well, two PhDs will present their work in progress. This part  of the program will be an all-Dutch affair, a 'home game' featuring: Sylvia Alting van Geusau and Marte Van Hassel.