In the tradition of the major international ideas competitions on urban development in Antwerp, the Antwerp city architect launched an ideas competition in early 2017 about the future of the Left Bank. The research and design was focused on generating new ideas and insights that serve as the basis for future changes on the Left Bank of the City of Antwerp. The vision speaks out about what Left Bank is today, what it wants and what it can be and how above-ground connections between the Right Bank and the Left Bank might look like. 

The design was showcased on the exhibition IdeeënWedstrijd Linkeroever in de Singel kunstencentrum (Antwerp). The design was published in the catalogue (2017) Linkeroever. Sprong over de Schelde. The results were used in the vision developed by the City Architect for the Left Bank area of Antwerp and integrated in the city's overall policy note. The results formed the basis of an international symposium, aimed at urban designers, policy makers and public stakeholders.

Researcher(s)Maarten Van Acker, Jolein Bergers
Commissioned by: Stad Antwerpen
Period: 2017
Partner(s): Fabric.