The North-South connection in Noord-Limurg is characterized by a long history of planning and conflicts. Today this project starts a new chapter as a ‘complex project procedure’. In the context of this procedure, the research group of urban development is charged with the analysis of best practices of international references, concerning integrated infrastructure projects and area developments.

The research starts of with a literature overview, out of which a series of reference projects are filtered and suggested to the client. Parallel, an evaluation framework is constructed, including design-related (multimodality, public space, ecological added value, energy,…) as well as proces-related aspects (participation, phasing, stakeholders, financing,…).

Subsequently, focus will get tighter by means of visitations of 3 sites. Beside the client and the research group, experience experts involved in these 3 reference projects will join the table. Their precence enables the possibility for Q&A’s and to create new sights on the project North-South.

The results of the literature overview and the visitations are synthesized into a final report.

Researcher(s)Maarten Van AckerTom Coppens, Raf Ilsbroekx
Commissioned by: Departement Omgeving
Period: Van 1/02/2018 tot 31/09/2018


Gouverneur Herman Reynders (©Raf Ilsbroekx)

(bron: Belga)