In order of the Flemish Architecture Institute and the communities of Bornem, Puurs, Willebroek and Mechelen cartographical research was performed and displayed within a contemporary art and architecture exhibition along the N16 motorway. In close contact with all kinds of passer-by and passengers, new types of urbanity were revealed. How can the concept of via / route be an innovative analysis - as a planning tool? The mappings offer a new perspective on spatial problems.

Thanks to the concept of the route, we see a connection between spaces that are not physically connected to each other. It allows to connect different ruffles, different times and different disciplines. How can routes offer a different view, such as on a trivial road in Flanders? What potential appears through the mappings of new forms of urbanity in these parts of the nebular city of Flanders?  The mapping results were displayed at the exposition Meetingpoint De Garage in Mechelen. Other participating architects were Philippe Vander Maren, Robbrecht en Daem, De Vylder Vinck Taillieu, Tractor, Uaps and Office Kersten Geers and David Van Severen. The mappings also were published in the exhibition catalogue In Route N16: public places for private experience.-Ghent, (2013) and in a special newspaper on the N16 exhibition The exhibition drew many visitors and was featured in newspaper articles. Several special events in the different meeting points and several tours were organized.

Researcher(s)Maarten Van Acker
Commissioned by: Vlaams Architectuurinstituut, de gemeenten van Bornem, Puurs, Willebroek en Mechelen
Period: 2013-2014
Partner(s): Joeri De Bruyn (Public Space)