This project is in order of a unique coalition between the Flemish Government Architect (Team Vlaams Bouwmeester), the Flemish department of Planning (Ruimte Vlaanderen), the Flemish Waste Company (OVAM), the City of Antwerp and the Port of Antwerp. The aim of the research was to generate new insights at the intersection of urbanism, circular economics and spatial tasks in the Antwerp context. Our research group, along with Fabric., Common Ground and Marco Broeckman was responsible for gathering and analyzing data, stakeholder analysis, mapping of streams, selection of selection or potential maps, scenario development and circular strategies, design research for pilot projects. The research analyzes nine urban flows (energy, water, food, air, goods, waste, people, mobility and biota). The project elaborates four strategic projects: a regional heat network, street canyon remedies, a sustainable drinking water supply network and a circular building material flow.

Researcher(s)Maarten Van Acker
Commissioned by: Stad Antwerpen, team Vlaams Bouwmeester, Dept. Omgeving, OVAM, Haven van Antwerpen
Period: 2017-2018
Partner(s): Fabric., Common Ground, Marco Broeckman