What is a route? A route does not coincide with a road or an infrastructure. Infrastructure is only a possible manifestation of the route. Routes are multiple. Although they have physical and spatial precipitation, they are primarily cultural, social, social, economic, ideological. In 2011, the Flemish Government Architect and the VAi selected the team around Maarten Van Acker, Maat-designers and Joeri De Bruyn (Public Space) for the competition for Belgian participation in the Venice Biennale. In Via Veritas - The European Condition, the concept of via / route introduces a new way of thinking about architecture and urban planning. The concept of the route reveals spatial and temporal connections that were previously invisible. Elements that previously appeared to be separate from each other in space and time, still show a fundamental coherence. The research results were bundled in the publication 'In Via Veritas. Route as a paradigm for urbanism '(2014).

Researcher(s)Maarten Van Acker
Commissioned by: Vlaams Bouwmeester, Vai
Period: 2011-2013
Partner(s): Maat-ontwerpers, Joeri De Bruyn (Public Space)