In response to the development of the new policy document the “Nota Ruimte”, the Province of Antwerp charged Oran consulting and the University of Antwerp to analyze and evaluate the transportation structure of the Province as described in the current policy document ‘Ruimtelijke Structuurplan Provincie Antwerpen (RSPA)’. 

For this analyze a generic top-down and bottom-up strategy was simultaneously implemented. The used methodologies for the top-down analysis were a desktop research and interviews with different actors in the transportation planning sector. Bottom-up two workshops were organized: one in the analysis stage and one in the development stage of a new transport and mobility vision for the province of Antwerp. The workshops focused on two transportation corridors with their abutting nodes: the N10 (Lier-Aarschot) and the N152 (Herentals-Aarschot). 

This project relates among others to the research question how multimodal nodes and corridors in Flanders – and more specific in the Province of Antwerp- can be developed in the future. Existing policy documents and planning tools are used to develop this new corridor and node strategy.

Researcher(s)Dirk LauwersStijn RybelsMaarten Van Acker
Commissioned by: Provincie Antwerpen
Period: 2016
Partner(s): Oran Consulting