Are you about to graduate? You may be familiar with one of these situations: 

  • You are not sure what’s next after graduation 
  • You have doubts about continuing your studies 
  • You would like to discover which job suits you best 
  • You are looking for job application tips 
  • You want to have your CV or LinkedIn profile screened 
  • You experience stress around the job application process 
  • You have completed the Career Fitness Profiler via Career Center UAntwerpen and you would like a personal coaching conversation to discuss your results 

Career coaches of the University of Antwerp can coach you in various ways!

Who can contact a career coach?

All students of the University of Antwerp, enrolled in a bachelor, master, advanced master, preparatory or bridging program, can contact a career coach. Doctoral students can contact the Antwerp Doctoral School with their career questions. 

Already graduated and no longer actively enrolled at UAntwerp? Then you can contact a career coach at a career orientation center outside the University of Antwerp, for a fee. As of 2019, you are required to have seven years of work experience to be able to use the career check system. If you have career questions, it is best to contact us in time before you graduate!  

What does a career coach do? Tips, coaching and training

We offer material to get you started by yourself. If you feel like you need more support, you can follow a training in a large or small group or make an appointment for individual career coaching. More details about the services of the career coaches can be found on Blackboard. Or contact STIP

If you prefer to work autonomously and at your own pace, you can use the workbook 'Kijk op Kiezen' (in Dutch) or the digital career platform 'Career Center UAntwerpen' (FBE faculty students use this link). Career Center UAntwerpen includes job vacancies, job application tips, tests and tools to find out which job suits you best, job fairs and other events,… It also offers the Career Fitness Profiler: a scientifically based self-test to assess your work values, career competences and energy stress balance. As long as you are a student at the University of Antwerp, the test is free! You can of course request extra support from a career coach at any time by making an appointment via STIP. Important: would you like to discuss your results of the Career Fitness Profiler? Make sure to mention this when you make an appointment. 

Would you rather receive help in person?  The career coaches organize tips & tricks sessions and workshops (in Dutch, online and on campus) on various themes: finding a job that suits you, writing a CV and motivation letter, practicing a job interview ... The emphasis is on increasing your career skills in a (small) group, so that you can also learn from others.. More details about the tips & tricks sessions and the workshops can be found on Blackboard (only in Dutch). Or contact STIP

Do you have a specific question that requires a customized approach?  Then make an appointment for individual career coaching online or on campus. First, the career coach will explore which questions you have and what type of support you need. Next, counseling can be aimed at gaining insight or at developing specific skills and career competences, e.g., getting to know yourself better, learning to network, drawing up an attractive CV, writing a motivation letter, conducting an interview, getting to know the work field, learning to manage your career yourself, ... A session takes about 45 minutes. The number of sessions is not set in advance, but many students are helped after a few sessions. 

How do I register for a workshop or make an appointment with a career coach? STIP!

You can register for a tips & tricks session or workshop via Blackboard (only in Dutch). Making an appointment for individual coaching is done through STIP. Important: would you like to discuss your results on the Career Fitness Profiler? Make sure to mention this when you make an appointment. 

Where can I find the career coaches?

You can find career coaches on the City Campus (buildings E and S), Campus Groenenborger (building S) and Campus Drie Eiken (building G). You can choose on which campus you attend a training or coaching. Of course career coaches are also to be found online!

How much does career coaching cost?

The full range of career coaches is free for students, except for 'Kijk op Kiezen', a workbook to get started by yourself. 

How do the career coaches deal with what I tell them?

All aspects of your participation in career coaching are confidential. The career coaches will not tell your parents, friends, teachers or others about your participation in career coaching, except with your explicit consent, or in case serious and foreseeable harm to you or others is evident.  

Who are the career coaches?

Career coaches are professionally trained in coaching skills and methodologies and have experience in graduation coaching and strengthening career skills.

Is career coaching possible in English?

Yes, at least part of it. Workbooks, tips & tricks sessions and workshops are in Dutch. Individual coaching is possible in English.