The transition from secondary to higher education entails many specific questions and problems. The Office for Study Advice and Student Counseling at UAntwerp developed a series of workbooks to support pupils and students as well as supervisors and parents. The workbooks can be used individually as well as to support individual coaching or training. All workbooks are written in Dutch.

Kijk op kiezen - A step-by-step plan for study and career choice

Focus op faalangst – Understand and address fear of failure

Starten met studeren - Ingredients for your study approach in higher education

Verder studeren met autisme - Practical tools for students with autism, teachers and supervisors in higher education

Prettig perfect - Dealing with perfectionism as a student

Morgen begin ik eraan! – Understand and address academic procrastination


These publications can be ordered by sending an e-mail to the Student Information Point (STIP) stating:

  • the name of the publication
  • the number of copies
  • your name and address and (if relevant) your organization

Then follow further instructions about payment and shipping. Of course you can also come by and purchase a publication at the STIP desk.