• Are you having doubts about your choice of programme or specialization? 
  • Considering changing programmes? 

If you are, it’s important to take the time to contemplate your values, personal attributes, skills and interests before making your decision. That way, you can create a useful framework to help you structure your search for a compatible programme. 

We’ve found that students often set off on this search in the opposite direction, taking plenty of time to consider every possible option first, to arrive at a particular decision by process of elimination. But this way of going about it can easily prove overwhelming for most. 

Are you interested in learning about the best ways to approach the process of choosing your programme? Study coaches can support you in your decision making process in several ways.  

Who can contact the study coaches?

All students of the University of Antwerp, enrolled in a bachelor, master, advanced master, preparatory or bridging programme, can contact a study coach. Graduating students from secondary school who are considering a study at the University of Antwerp are welcome as well!

What do study coaches have to offer?

We offer a workbook (in Dutch) and self-tests so you can get started by yourself. If you want more support, you can follow a training in a large or small group or make an appointment for individual study coaching. More details about the range of services of the study coaches can be found on Blackboard. Or contact STIP

If you prefer to work autonomously and at your own pace, you can use the workbook 'Kijk op Kiezen' (only available in Dutch), that can help you chart your skills, interests and personal attributes with the goal of painting a clear picture of your goals and abilities. The steps in this book will guide you along the path to finding the studies and career options that are right for you. ‘Kijk op kiezen’ is priced at 10 euros, and is available for purchase at the Student Information Point. 

Alternatively, the websites below (in Dutch) may help you make sense of the options that are available to you. 

You can request extra support from a study coach at any time by making an appointment via STIP.  

Would you rather receive help in person?  In small groups of students, the study coaches regularly organize tips & tricks sessions and workshops (in Dutch, online and on campus) on selecting a programme. Graduating students from secondary school who are considering a study at the University of Antwerp are welcome as well!

Do you have a specific question that requires a customized approach?  Then schedule an appointment for individual study coaching online (via videocall) or on campus. The study coach will explore which questions you have and how study coaching may support you. Individual study coaching can be aimed at getting to know yourself better and gaining more insight into your values, properties, skills, interests and courses that suit you. A coaching session takes about 45 minutes. The number of sessions is not fixed in advance, but many students are helped in a few sessions. 

How do I register or make an appointment? STIP!

You can register for a tips & tricks session or workshop via Blackboard (only in Dutch). Making an appointment for individual coaching is done through STIP. Students who do not study at the University of Antwerp (yet) do not have access to Blackboard but can contact the study coaching services via STIP. 

Where can I find the study coaches?

Study coaches can be found on the City Campus (buildings E and S), Campus Groenenborger (building S) and Campus Drie Eiken (building G). You can choose on which campus you want to participate in a training or coaching. Of course study coaches are also to be found online!

How much does study coaching cost?

The study coaching services are free for students, with the exception of ‘Kijk op Kiezen', a workbook to get started by yourself. For some workshops, a fee is also charged for the course material used. 

What happens to what I tell to the study coaches?

All aspects of your participation in study coaching are confidential. The study coaches will not tell your parents, friends, teachers or others about your participation in study coaching, except with your explicit consent or in case serious and foreseeable harm to you or others is evident. What you tell a study coach has no consequences for your education, even if you have done something that is against the rules. 

Who are the study coaches?

All study coaches are professionally trained in coaching students and are experienced in academic advising. 

Is study coaching possible in English?

Yes, at least part of it. Workbooks, tips & tricks sessions and workshops are in Dutch. Individual coaching is possible in English.