Do you have doubts about your study choice? Are you considering changing studies? Seek help in time so that you can take into account the deadlines for returning your learning account, tuition fees, etc. 

If you prefer to work autonomously and at your own pace,  use the workbook 'Kijk op Kiezen' (only available in Dutch), that can help you chart your skills, interests and personal attributes with the goal of painting a clear picture of your goals and abilities. The steps in this book will guide you along the path to finding the studies and career options that are right for you. ‘Kijk op kiezen’ is priced at 10 euros, and is available for purchase at STIP.  More tips & tools to help you with study choice can be found on the student portal.

Would you rather receive help in person?  In small groups of students, the study coaches regularly organize tips & tricks sessions and workshops (in Dutch, online and on campus) on choosing a study. Graduating students from secondary school who are considering a study at the University of Antwerp are welcome as well!

Do you have a specific question that requires a customized approach?  Then schedule an appointment for individual study coaching online or on campus. In an intake will be explored which guidance is best suited to your question. More details about group counseling and individual counseling can be found in the student portal. Or contact STIP! 

In the student portal you will find all information about the full range under 'Support & Guidance'. Both individual and group sessions are free. Individual guidance is possible in English.