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Career counselling

Graduating soon but not sure what to do next? Then talk to a student counsellor and find out what your options are. Maybe you would like to take another course? Or are you ready to get a job? Individual discussions and training can help you give your (study) career more direction.


First of all, congratulations on completing your studies! Have you got any idea yet what you want to do with your brand-new degree? Maybe you're wondering whether to keep on studying? Or maybe you don't have a clear idea of your first job yet? The student counsellors from the Study Advice and Student Counselling Service can help you clarify matters. Individual guidance may help you to enhance your career management competencies. It can help you to:

  • answer questions like 'who am I?', 'what am I good at?' and 'what do I want?
  • explore career options
  • enhance decision-making

You can also take the Career fitness profiler and make an appointment with a student counsellor to discuss your results: it's a career tool based on state-of-the-art insights in scientific career theory. It is aimed at assessing ideal career preferences and guiding career choices for effective career management and counseling. The questionnaire takes 10 to 20 minutes of your time. Also available in English. You can take the test here.


This career counselling is aimed at University of Antwerp students who are unsure about the direction they want to go in with their career. We refer PhD students and working students with at least one year of work experience to the career guidance options organised by the Flemish authorities. You can read more about this on Talent on track. The Antwerp Doctoral School is also busy developing career guidance resources for PhD students.


You can make a appointment with a student counsellor of your campus at the Student Information Point (STIP).