• Monday Oct 24  [city campus - room KS.204 ] [introductory day]
    • 10u00 : Welcome and opening talk
    • 10u10 : Basic Introduction: Open Science (Maarten Vermeyen - Research, Innovation and Valorisation Antwerp - RIVA) (recording available)
    • 11u00 : Panel discussion “Academic Publishing under Pressure?”
      Panel members: Prof. Isabelle Robert (chief editor Linguistica Antverpiensia, New Series), Prof. Dr. Nick Schryvers (Faculty of Science, Department of Physics), Arne Saeys (Academic & Scientific Publishers (ASP), Prof. Thomas Ernst (Faculty of Arts, Department of Literature)
      Moderated by: Prof. Esther van Zimmeren (Faculty of Law)
  • Tuesday Oct 25 14:00-16:00  [campus Drie Eiken - room O7][researchers’ day]
    • Intro & funder requirements - Amaya M. Graf  (Spearhead Research Manager at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
    • Best practices of finding data repositories and uploading data (Maarten Vermeyen - Department Research Affairs)
    • Lightning talks/testimonials:
      • “Citizen Science and OA: lab research with the ADNP community”- Claudio D’Incal (PhD researcher and academic assistant – FBD UAntwerp)
      • “Intellectual property and OA: an act of balance” - Filipe Elvas (Assistant Professor -FGGW UAntwerp)
      • “Research Infrastructures for OA: the case of EBRAINS within Europe” - Edith Euán-Díaz, PhD (Advisor to the CEO on Research Infrastructure Policy- EBRAINS)
    • Open Access Game workshop
  • Wednesday Oct 26  [publishing day]
  • Thursday Oct 27 [city campus - komida] [students day]
    • Open Access Game workshop