For the open access week 2021 a mix of webinars, workshops and talks were provided by the University library together with the Department of Research Affairs , the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences and the Faculty of Law.​

Monday October 25

Tuesday October 26

Open data to support research integrity and reproducibility

Prof. Sabine Van Doorslaer - Department of Chemistry

Wednesday October 27

Open Datasets

Maarten Vermeyen (Department of Research Affairs)

Thursday October 28

Copyright and Rights retention strategy for librariesJohan Rooryck and Sally Rumsey and hosted by Open Access Belgium

Friday October 29

Open access Student Event : Be an agent of change!


Have you heard ever of ‘open access’? No?

Well, this is your chance to learn all about this global movement that allows you to have access to academic publications and get a pass on your assignments and master thesis!

As a student, you will be consulting hundreds, maybe thousands of works during your formation. Thanks to the library, you have free access to a number of scholarly journals. But this comes with a cost, a cost that is increasing every year. 

‘Open access’ is all about free global sharing of peer reviewed articles in scholarly journals. ‘Open access’ literature is digital, online, free of charge and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. Learn all about the green and golden route, open educational resources, types of licensing and so much more and during a 2h interactive session.

Be part of a global movement striving for free and unrestricted online access to research outputs.

Be an agent of change!