TURQUOISE is an interdisciplinary research project on the potential of blue-green strategies for climate adaptation. Persistent droughts between 2017 and 2021 have made it clear that Flanders is insufficiently prepared for water scarcity and droughts. 

The TURQUOISE project aims at a proactive approach to increase water availability. To better plan, implement and scale up blue-green solutions, more knowledge is needed about 1) the effectiveness (and side-effects) of measures on both local and larger scales and 2) how much is needed to reduce the drought risk to an acceptable level. Concretely, TURQUOISE wants to develop a decision-support framework and test it in practice to facilitate planning and increase the implementation rate of blue-green adaptation strategies. 

TURQUOISE focuses on four blue-green solutions in rural areas: 

  1. restoration of (former) depressional wetlands
  2. controlled hydraulic (drainage) systems
  3. field infiltration ponds 
  4. infiltration reservoirs with active intake from rivers for irrigation and groundwater recharge 

TURQUOISE started in October 2021, runs for 4 years and receives financial support from the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO). In TURQUOISE, the University of Antwerp works together with KULeuven and ILVO.