7th Independent Hannah Arendt Circle Conference

May 20th-22th, 2013
7th Independent Hannah Arendt Circle Conference
University of Antwerp, Lange Sint-Annastraat 7, 2000 Antwerp, Room S.004

The Arendt Circle is devoted to the study of Hannah Arendt's work and welcomes interdisciplinary participation.

The Institute of Jewish Studies and the Centre for Philosophy of Culture at the University of Antwerp will be hosting the seventh independent conference for the Hannah Arendt Circle from May 20 until May 22, 2013.


Tuesday, May 21st

08.00-09.00   Coffee and Welcome by Vivian Liska (director Institute of Jewish Studies)

09.00-10.45   Session I: Judaism(I)
Session Chair: Cassie Striblen (West Chester University)
A. The Controversy over Eichmann in Jerusalem and Hannah Arendt's "German-Jewish" Identity - Robert Kunath (Illinois College)                    
B. Arendt and the Role of Exilic Language in Forming a Political Life - Jules Simon (University of Texas at El Paso)
C. Hannah Arendt: Judaism and the Other - Olga Kirschbaum (New York University)

10.45-11.00    Break

11.00-12.10    Session II: Identity and Selfhood
Session Chair: Nathan Van Camp (University of Antwerp)
A. Feminist Encounters with Hannah Arendt: Between Social Identity and Political Agency - Emily Katzenstein (University of Oxford)
B. Arendt on Selfhood, Intersubjectivity, and Moral Integrity - Tatjana Noemi Tömmel (University of Frankfurt)

12.10-14.10     Lunch

14.10-15.15     Session III: Comparing Arendt
Session Chair: Dennis Baert (University of Antwerp)
A. On Responsibility: Reading Hannah Arendt with Karl Jaspers and Jan Patocka - Ulrika Bjork (Uppsala University)
B. Public Reason for a Common World: An Encounter between Arendt and Rawls - Vasti Roodt (University of Stellenbosch)

15.15-15.30      Break

15.30-16.40      Session IV: Arendt and Politics
Session Chair: Melis Baş (University of Twente)
A. The Aporias of Establishing the Right to Have Rights - Jan Maximilian Robitzsch (University of Pennsylvania)
B. Peace and the Preservation of Politics - Diane Enns (McMaster University)

17.00-17.45      Business Meeting

Wednesday, May 22nd

08.30-09.30      Coffee

09.30-10.40      Session V: Judaism (II)
Session Chair: Richard I. Cohen (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
A. "When one is attacked as a Jew... one must respond as an Oriental": Hannah Arendt and Edward Said in a Semitic Dialogue - Anya Topolski (University of Leuven)
B. "What's Love Got to Do With It?": Between the Political and the Anti-political in the Arendt/Scholem Exchange - Shira Kupfer (University of Haifa)

10.40-11.00      Break

11.00-12.10      Session VI: Education and Politics
Session Chair: Arthur Cools (University of Antwerp)
A. Religious Education out of Love for the World? A Contemporary Discussion with Hannah Arendt - Pieter DeWitte (Catholic University of Leuven)
B. Hannah Arendt's Exercises in Political Thinking and their Role as Preparatory Political Practice - Maria Robaszkiewicz (University of Paderborn)

12.10-14.10       Lunch

14.10-15.15       Session VII: Speech and Action
Session Chair: Marinus Schoeman (University of Pretoria)
A. "Talking Back and Measuring Up": The Judging Role of Speaking Together in Hannah Arendt's Thought - Karen McCarthy (Emory University)
B. The Moral Dimension of Action: Arendt's Ethics of the World - Tal Correm (Temple University)

15.15-15.30       Break

15.30-16.40       Session VIII: Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Session Chair: Kei Hiruta (University of Oxford)
A. Hannah Arendt's Jesus: A Contextual Exploration of Arendt's Depiction of Jesus in Light of her Formative Years in Weimar Germany - Thomas Wittendorff (European University Institute)
B. Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Restoring the Meaning of a Political Relation - Els Van Peborgh (University of Antwerp)