Activating students is important to stimulate student learning. The University of Antwerp expects its teachers to actively involve students in the learning content, both inside and outside class. The context in which you teach brings opportunities but also limitations. In the session we start from your specific teaching practice and we look for suitable activating teaching and learning methods that optimally utilize the opportunities and take into account the limitations that the context entails. 

We expected participants in this session to actively participate, reflect on their teaching practice and collaborate with colleagues from different teaching contexts

Practical information 

Tuesday 11 October 2022, 9:30 - 11:00
This session was given online, in English.

We asked participants to prepare for the session by watching a screencast in advance (7 minutes) and sharing their specific questions or needs about activating students via an online form. 

Questions or remarks? 

If you would have any questions or remarks, please contact the coaches of this session: and

Learning materials

Watch the recording of the session (pay attention: the break out rooms are not recorded) or download the slides we used during the session, completed with input from the participants.