Dirk has a working experience of 40 years. He is visiting professor at Antwerp University. After teaching courses for more than 30 years he now concentrates on mobility research. Before his main activity consisted of private consultancy in the field of traffic planning and engineering and regional and urban planning, and in managing expert teams in these working fields. He was Manager for Mobility Planning at Arcadis Belgium, Managing Director of iris consulting and before of Mens en Ruimte.

He was involved in the preparation of the Spatial Structure Plan for Flanders (1990’s) and in the Spatial Policy Plan for Flanders. On the European scale he was an expert in several projects in CEE countries and in mobility studies for the EC.

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Favorite (place in the) city

Odessa, as southern counterpart of Saint Petersburg planned city. Designed according to a grid of wide avenues with trees that form a closed foliage from facade to facade, with masterful buildings by, among others, Italian architects. It’ that also breathes other areas of culture (Pushkin lived here). Sea port and Black Sea resort. Cosmopolitan, inhabited by more than 150 nationalities.