Below you will find an overview of courses within UAntwerp that can contribute to your doctoral training programme, supported by the Antwerp Doctoral School (ADS).

(Teaching) Assistant Training

The Centre of Expertise for Higher Education (ECHO) from the University of Antwerp organizes a training for new assistants. Participants are supported when developing competences regarding the preparation, implementation and testing of their courses.

For more information about this training, see this webpage.



Bachelor and Master courses

Did you know that it's possible to add Bachelor and Master courses to your doctoral study programme?


  1. You have not received credits for these courses before.
  2. You can only choose Bachelor or Master courses from a different research domain than your own bachelor/first cycle.
  3. You need to get the agreement of your supervisor before enrolling in a Bachelor or Master course.


  1. You can enrol by contacting the lecturer or secretariat responsible for the administration of the course concerned.
  2. You should specifically mention that you would like to add the course to your doctoral study programme.
  3. The student administration of the faculty will place the course under your doctoral enrollment. This way you will see the timetable information in SisA and access to the course in BlackBoard will be provided.
  4. Enrolment is free of charge and it is not necessary to use a credit contract.

At the end of the course, you should receive a participation certificate from the lecturer concerned (or the secretariat) which you can then use to add the activity to your doctoral study programme file.

Need Blackboard? If access to Blackboard is required, the teacher can grant add you to the corresponding course in BlackBoard.


Secretariat responsible for the administration of the course concerned.

Certificate Laboratory Animal Science

You can obtain your Laboratory Animal Science certificate via one of the following 3 options:

  • A 12 ECTS (heavy) training in the first semester (part of master programme of the faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences) leading to a certificate 'Animal Experiment Leader’ category C recognized by the Flemish government and also recognized by FELASA (Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations). Thanks to this last recognition, the certificate that is obtained is accepted more quickly in other European countries.
  • A 3 ECTS (light) course that is organized in the first semester and is a combination between e-learning and a number of tutorial sessions (optional to attend and depending on the group of students virtual or physical) (part of the Faculty of Sciences) that leads to a certificate 'Animal Experiment Leader’ category C recognized by the Flemish government.
    You can only take this course via a credit contract. Therefore, you have to pay a tuition fee.
  • A 3 ECTS (light) course organized in the second semester and a combination between e-learning and a virtual tutoring session (optional and at the request of the students) (part of the Faculty of Science - master programme) leading to a certificate 'Animal Experiment Leader’ category C recognized by the Flemish government.
    You can only take this course via a credit contract. Therefore, you have to pay a tuition fee.

These three courses are open to master-, doctoral- and postdoctoral students. All three courses are taught in English and all course materials are provided in English.





Are you looking for information, advice or support on Business & Valorisation? 

This pillar focuses on the creation of impact through the valorisation of research. The basics programme 'Dive into Business' is a customized offer to meet the valorisation needs of researchers. It supports researchers in creating impact through translating their research to society. This impact can either be economic, societal, or both.

The course fits in with the competence profile for PhD students and counts as a valid activity in the doctoral study program.

It should be stressed that these courses are an unique opportunity for self-development as well.

Registration for the basics programme is open. Please be aware that there is a limited number of places!

More information on Pintra.


Dept. Research & Innovation
Campus Middelheim 
Middelheimlaan 1 
2020 Antwerpen





Dive-into-PhD: online writing course

Writing a strong FWO application is not evident, and it even might be the first time that you will be writing a project application. How exactly do you start?

Within our training programme Dive-into-PhD, the Grants Office organizes writing courses focused on the 3 main research domains, tailor-made for each funding type.

During these sessions we will assist you in writing your application, and we will provide you with tips & tricks.

Register for one of the writings courses below, before 7 October 2020. Fill out the form with information on your PhD proposal and indicate which workshop you will be attending! The sessions will be organized online via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Writing courses Fundamental or Strategic Basic Research:

  • Life, Exact & Applied Sciences (Fundamental research): 12 October 2020, 17:30 – 19:00
  • Design, Social Sciences & Humanities (Fundamental & Strategic Basic research): 13 October 2020, 17:30 – 19:00
  • Life, Exact & Applied Sciences (Strategic Basic research): 15 October 2020, 17:30 – 19:00

Starting from our experiences and based on successful applications, we will elaborate on the basics on how to write a strong project proposal. You can prepare yourself by consulting all information on Blackboard > My Courses> Dive-into-PhD 2020-2021 > Documents > Step 2 – Positioning & Step 3 - Writing.

This will allow you to think in advance about the most important aspects of your project application and could increase your chances of success.


Dept. Research & Innovation
Campus Middelheim 
Middelheimlaan 1 
2020 Antwerpen




Are you looking for information, advice or support on Research & Proposal Writing?

What are the different steps involved in project writing and how can I find funds for my project?
Dive-into-Projects includes basic training on research and proposal writing, as well as specific courses, workshops and guidance (Deep Dive-into-Projects).

More information on Pintra (after login).


Dept. Research & Innovation
Campus Middelheim 
Middelheimlaan 1 
2020 Antwerpen



Language training

Linguapolis: the language institute of the University of Antwerp

Linguapolis organises and offers:

1. Academic English and Academic Dutch

2. General language courses

3. Individual writing coaching

For more information, consult the Linguapolis website.

Contact Linguapolis:

Tel. +32 3 265 48 03

Altissia: online language courses

This academic year, UAntwerp will be offering Altissia’s online language courses again.  With the new mobile app, you can now work on your language skills anywhere and anytime.
Be sure to watch the guided tour video for the app version and/or the PC version.

On Altissia’s revamped 2.0. platform, you can study as many as 22 languages for only 10 euros! The extensive range of languages includes: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Estonian, Greek, Latvian and Lithuanian.

The language levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR A1 to C1). All language levels are offered, but not for all languages. You can study the following languages up to level C1: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian; Portuguese up to level B2. The other languages are offered at a beginner level. 

Target group

The Antwerp Doctoral School purchased 90 subscriptions for PhD students from the Universiteit Antwerpen.


  1. (Re-)enrol as a PhD student for this academic year (2019-2020).
  2. Do you have a student account AND a personnel account? Then you can register for free free by using your personnel account.  Do you only have a student account? Then sign up via BlackBoard after the start of the academic year. You pay 10€ which you can reclaim through the educational credit.
  3. Your registration is only definitive as soon as you have logged in for the first time to the online platform.
  4. Apply for your licence via the registration form. You have to register with your UA-account.

You can activate your account as from October 1st.

We will apply the ‘first come, first served’ principle. So be quick to subscribe!

Your subscription is valid until 30 September.

Science for everyone

The University of Antwerp attaches particular importance to training through lectures and other popularizing activities for a broad audience. For this assignment all university scientists are being involved.

The Lifelong Learning team focuses on support and training of both PhD students and independent academic personnel (ZAP) with regard to the communication about their research. Under the Life Long Learning lable, they offer a wide range of non-diploma or certificate-oriented trainings and activities for anyone with an interest in science, whether they are young or old. They organize a number of activities and also support initiatives that emerge in the different faculties or departments. In this way, the University of Antwerp wants to engage the general public in science and show them the impact it has on our daily life.

Some initiatives are the "Let's Talk Science!" summer school on science communication, PRESS>SPEAK and PRESS>SPEAK>INSPIRE.

  • Summer school Zeg't eens/ Let's Talk Science is a joint initiative of all Flemish universities. Every year at the beginning of July, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers are immersed in science communication and communication skills. More info via
  • PRESS>SPEAK: To make clear, in a short but powerful way, what your research is all about…. Not a simple task, especially when your audience has very little prior knowledge on the subject! However, this is exactly what newspapers, newscasts and radio broadcasts are looking for. Furthermore it could help you introduce colleagues with different expertise to matters long familiar by you. Or maybe you would just like a little extra practice on giving a clear and effective presentation on a complex subject? Through a presentation and writing contest titled PRESS>SPEAK we are challenging young scientists to make their first steps towards a broad but intimate audience consisting of colleagues, family, friends and fans. More info via
  • PRESS>SPEAK>Inspire offers to all UAntwerp scientists a networking and inspiration opportunity to acquire new insights and ideas for engaging in science communication. Experienced professors as well as young PhD students can participate and  be inspired with regard to science communication, guided by peer counselors and experts from in- and outside the university walls. More info via


Life Long Learning Team
Campus Middelheim 
Middelheimlaan 1 
2020 Antwerpen 
Tel. +32 3 265 31 27



Statua: Center for Statistics at the University of Antwerp

StatUa is the officially recognized core facility for statistical data analysis at the University of Antwerp. StatUa services include, but are not limited to:

StatUa is partner of the Flanders training network for Methodology and Statistics (FLAMES).