Replace animal testing methods

Support alternative research to replace or reduce animal testing Animal testing is a controversial topic in society. While it is important to extensively test drugs for humans and animals before they hit the market, there is increasing attention for animal-free research methods. The University of Antwerp is also exploring alternatives to replace or reduce animal testing. Of course, the guarantee that drugs for humans and animals remain safe and effective is important here.

The research

Biomedical and fundamental research usually starts from a known and trusted animal model. Exploring new alternative routes through an animal-free model is not easy or risk-free. Financial support for researchers is therefore crucial to provide them with opportunities to expand and validate alternative research methods. Something where you can also make a valuable contribution.


There is already a database, RE-Place, where alternative methods for animal testing, NAMs (New Approach Methodologies), can be found. This database collects all methods with which we can replace or reduce animal testing, some existing examples are: the Cornea-on-chip, screening therapies based on the identification of organoids in brightfield microscopy, toxic development tests of zebrafish embryos or an in vitro intestinal dialysis model (with colonic phase). Thanks to this database, scientists can more easily study and apply alternative research methods for animal testing within their own field of work. How can you contribute to animal-free research methods? The goal is to further expand the range of alternative methods for animal testing and thus provide better protection of animal welfare. With your contribution, researchers get the opportunity to more quickly and specifically focus on the further realization of animal-free methods. This way you directly help with the solutions of tomorrow!

Support this fund

Support this fund

Would you like to get involved by supporting the project ‘Animal-free research methods’? You can contribute by wiring a donation to the University of Antwerp.

There are two ways to donate:

  1. By bank transfer to bank account number BE42 7310 4624 7854 in the name of 'Universiteit Antwerpen'. Be sure to mention 'fiscaal attest' (tax certificate) and your preferred destination, in this case: ‘ Animal-free research methods', in the communication field.
  2. By online payment, where you can indicate your preferred destination straight away.

Tax relief

Did you know that donations of 40 euros or more are 45 % tax deductible? This is an extra incentive to provide maximum support!

In order to allocate your donation correctly, we recommend you to also send us the donation form where you indicate your preference for the destination of the amount again.

Send the filled in form:

  1. digitally: email it to ( a scan or photo are sufficient)
  2. by post:  Universiteitsfonds Antwerpen - Middelheimlaan 1 M.A.223 - 2020 Antwerpen