Measuring air pollution with a buggy? That's possible with CLAIRE!

CLAIRE stands for Clean AIR for Everyone and is the new citizen science project of UAntwerpen. The project aims to map the effect of slow roads and green elements on local air quality. This is done by walking around with a buggy full of measuring equipment in Mortsel and Wilrijk (Antwerp). In this project, the concentrations of particulate matter, ultra-fine particles and soot are seen as the most important indicators for air pollution. The CLAIRE project already has two mascots: Claire and Gilbair. Each of these dolls has its own measuring buggy and its own walking route. Already 400 enthusiastic volunteers signed up to temporarily take care of Claire or Gilbair as a caring (grand) parent and to go for a walk with him or her.

Health impact of air pollution with young children

Good air quality is of course important for every citizen. However, the CLAIRE project focuses specifically on mapping the exposure of young children to traffic-related pollution.This highly vulnerable group - represented in this project by our adorable toddler dolls Claire and Gilbair - is often closest to the pollution source, namely the exhaust pipes of cars. Previous research has already shown that the pollution at this altitude is higher than at the respiratory height of an adult. With this project we hope to map the exposure to traffic-related pollution for babies and toddlers in concrete terms.

Want to know more? Be sure to take a look at the website.

On May 2, 2022, the closing event of the CLAIRE project took place where the results were shared. Couldn't attend or want to relive the closing event? Then be sure to take a look at the website.

Support this project

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There are two ways to donate:

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