Miniworkshop "Semitoric systems and beyond":

This 2 day miniworkshop on Sept 10-11, 2019 aims at bringing together junior and senior researchers on semitoric integrable systems, symplectic geometry, and related topics.

In the afternoon of Sept 11, 2019 (more precisely at 16:00h in M.G.010), there will be the public defense of Jaume Alonso to which all speakers and participants are wholeheartedly invited.

This workshop is partially financed by the UAntwerpen BOF DocPro4 project with Antigoon-ID 31722 (project funded by the Research Fund of the University of Antwerp).


List of speakers:

Jaume Alonso (Antwerpen) --- Title & Abstract.

Jacob Cable (University of Manchester) --- Title & Abstract.

Konstantinos Efstathiou (Groningen) --- Title & Abstract.

Marine Fontaine (Antwerpen) --- Title & Abstract.

Luis García-Naranjo (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México & TU Berlin) --- Title & Abstract.

Yohann Le Floch (Strasbourg) --- Title & Abstract.

Joseph Palmer (Antwerpen) --- Title & Abstract.

San Vũ Ngọc (Rennes 1) --- Title & Abstract.

Schedule & Program

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