Conference FDIS 2023

This is the 7th edition in the series of international conferences on Finite Dimensional Integrable Systems in Geometry and Mathematical Physics (FDIS 2023). It will take place during August 7-11, 2023 at the University of Antwerp in Belgium as "on campus only" event, i.e., there will not be any online/hybrid option.

Registration deadlines (conference, funding, contributed talks, poster session): see below!

Contact: fdis23.antwerp AT (followed up by local organizer Aldo Witte).

FDIS 2025 will take place at CIMAT (Mexico) during Aug 4-8, 2025. The previous editions took place in Tel Aviv/Israel (2022), in Shanghai/China (2019), in Barcelona/Spain (2017), in Bedlewo/Poland (2015), at CIRM/Luminy/France (2013), and in Jena/Germany (2011).

Speakers (plenary and contributed)

List of plenary speakers (for all titles & abstracts, cf. conference booklet):

  1. Maxim Arnold (UT Dallas)slides
  2. Victor Bangert (University of Freiburg i.Br.)
  3. Misha Bialy (Tel Aviv University): slides
  4. Alexey Bolsinov (Loughborough University): slides
  5. Gil Bor (CIMAT, Mexico): slides
  6. Annalisa Calini (College of Charleston): slides
  7. Vladimir Dragovic (UT Dallas)
  8. Andrew Hone (University of Kent)
  9. Nikolay Martynchuk (University of Groningen): slides
  10. Yuri Suris (TU Berlin): slides
  11. Sue Tolman (UIUC)
  12. Pierre Van Moerbeke (UC Louvain)
  13. Cornelia Vizman (West University of Timisoara)
  14. Marco Zambon (KU Leuven): slides

List of contributed speakers (for titles & abstracts, cf. conference booklet):

  1. Dinmukhammed Akpan (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
  2. Owen Dearricott (La Trobe University)
  3. Konstantinos Efstathiou (Duke Kunshan University)
  4. Laszlo Feher (University of Szeged & Wigner Research Center for Physics): slides
  5. Anton Izosimov (University of Arizona)
  6. Božidar Jovanović (Mathematical Institute SANU)
  7. Melike Kaplan (Kastamonu University)
  8. Giorgi Khimshiashvili (Ilia State University): slides
  9. Wookyung Kim (Lancaster University): slides
  10. Leendert Los (University of Groningen): slides
  11. Krzysztof Marciniak (Linköping University): slides
  12. Ian Marquette (University of Queensland): slides
  13. Andrey Mironov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics)
  14. Richard Montgomery (UC Santa Cruz): slides
  15. Joseph Palmer (UIUC & University of Antwerp): slides
  16. Anup Anand Singh (University of Leeds)
  17. Daniel Tsodikovich (Tel Aviv University): slides
  18. Andreas Vollmer (University of Hamburg)
  19. Aldo Witte (University of Antwerp)


Click here for the list of registered participants, including speakers & organizers (updated Aug 6, 2024)

Organizers and Scientific Committee

  • Organization committee: Misha Bialy (Tel Aviv), Sonja Hohloch (Antwerp), Vladimir Matveev (Jena), Sergei Tabachnikov (Penn State).
  • Local organization committee: Sonja Hohloch (Antwerp), Joseph Palmer (Antwerp & UI Urbana-Champaign), Aldo Witte (Antwerp).
  • Scientific committee: Misha Bialy (Tel Aviv), Alexey Bolsinov (Loughborough), Allan Fordy (Leeds), Boris Kruglikov (Tromsø), Andrzej Maciejewski (Zielona Gora), Álvaro Pelayo (Madrid), Vladimir Rubtsov (Angers), Dmitry Treschchev (Steklov Math. Inst. Moscow).

Schedule & Conference Booklet

Date & Venue & Lecture halls

FDIS 2023 will take place during August 7-11, 2023 "on campus only", i.e., there will not be any online/hybrid options for participation!

  • Conference venue: in the very city center of Antwerp/Belgium, more precisely in Building C on the campus "Stadscampus" of the University of Antwerp. Here is a map of campus "Stadscampus" (where building C is officially denoted as "S.C" where "S" is the abbreviation for "stadscampus"). ATTENTION: the conference does thus NOT take place on Campus Middelheim where the math department is located!
  • Conference lecture halls: The plenary lectures are planned in lecture hall S.C.003. The contributed talks take place in S.C.002 and S.C.003. The seminar room S.C.001 can be used  for individual discussions and socializing. (The name of lecture halls is composed as follows: campus abbreviation ("S") dot building ("C") dot room number where the "0" at the beginning of the room number indicates "ground floor"). Both lecture halls S.C.002 and S.C.003 have blackboards and a projector screen.
  • Poster session: The poster boards will be placed in the corridor leading to the conference lecture halls S.C.001, S.C.002, and S.C.003.

Registration and deadlines (funding, contributed talks, poster session etc.)

  • REGISTRATION is free but mandatory for logistic & organisational reasons like estimating the amount of coffee needed during breaks...
  • The deadline for application for funded accommodation was April 16, 2023: The conference has a certain amount of funding to cover the local accommodation of a certain number of participants (with preference given to junior participants).
  • The deadline for application for giving a contributed talk and/or presenting a poster was April 16, 2023: the conference plans to have, apart from talks by the plenary speakers, also contributed talks by a certain number of participants plus a poster session. 
  • The deadline for participation without applying for funding/ contributed talk/ poster was July 1, 2023. 

Travel directions & Accommodation

Conference poster

About Antwerp...

  • Click HERE for some information (touristic and otherwise) provided by the Tourist Information of Antwerp.
  • Click HERE for what wikipedia claims to know about Antwerp.
  • Click HERE for some information about the park & fortress "Fort 4" in Mortsel, about 25min by tram 15 from Antwerp City center.


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