24-25 June 2021

International child abductions confront children with a number of challenges: conflict, separation, being excluded from significant decisions, being confronted with the justice system and having to (re)integrate in a new environment. To minimise harm and maximise wellbeing for children and their families throughout all phases of an abduction process, rights-respecting responses from professionals and authorities are crucial.

This online conference will present the results of research conducted in partnership with children on what they consider to be ‘good practice’ for professionals in a context of child abduction. They were not just supporting actors in this story. A total of 44 young people, aged 10 to 17 years old, were involved as researchers using mixed methods of drama workshops and focus group discussions. This research provided the basis for a guide for professionals which aims to enhance the wellbeing of children at all stages of an international child abduction by providing guidelines and good practices to legal and other professionals.

Young people will present the research that formed the basis for the good practice guide. Their results, and the good practice guide, will form the basis for discussions in breakout sessions. We will submit the findings, and the question of how to implement children’s rights in international abduction proceedings to a panel including a judge, lawyer, guardian ad litem and national authority involved in such proceedings.

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