Geneeskunde en Gezondheids­wetenschappen

Program Immunology & Inflammation

Friday 16 June 2023

Discover the remarkable defenders of our body against viral infections and tumors - Natural Killer cells!

This event will highlight the invaluable assets of Natural Killer (NK) cells and the factors that position them at the forefront of numerous studies.

Dr. Thessa Laeremans, from the neuro-aging and viro-immunotherapy research group at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, will illustrate the vital roles played by Natural Killer cells in the quest for a functional cure for HIV. She will also shed light on the intriguing concept that viruses can be utilized as allies in targeting cancer cells. Moreover, Dr.  Jorrit De Waele and Dr. Jonas Van Audenaerde, both affiliated with UAntwerpen, will delve into their research on the potential of Natural Killer cells in combating cancer.

Supported by FGGW & Antwerp Doctoral School’s “Omkadering Jonge Onderzoekers”.

Location: Campus Drie Eiken, Building S, D.S.020
Time: 15u - 17u
No registration needed